Consulta is a presence on the business consulting market, commercial law, commercial and judicial evaluations, judicial reorganization and insolvency for over 25 years. Consulta was born as part of the Consulta Holding AG group from Vienna in Austria.

For several years, during the 1990s, the company acted as a consultant involved in the phenomenon that took place everywhere in the countries of Eastern Europe, namely the privatization of the state economy.

Subsequently, as Romania’s market economy becomes stronger and with the advent of the insolvency legislation, 20 years ago we opened a branch in Bucharest Consulta’s Romanian in the insolvency market sector, where we have been operating successfully, having a work portfolio of at least 150 companies per each year.

Nowadays, seeing a huge potential on the market, having a vast experience of reorganizing or optimizing the activity of a company and being well connected to the realities of the business environment in Romania,with a privileged position in terms of contacts, gained with seriousity and professionalism in 25 years of work, Consulta is coming on the market with a new business concept meant to cover the demand of the employers with highly skilled expat candidates.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring through us?

We will offer full consultancy that perfectly fits your requirements.

We will be in charge in handling all the recruitment process and also visa, transportation and delivery of the employees.

We provide skilled and serious workers with fully understanding of their job responsibilities with competitive salaries, guaranteeing a lower turnover.

We are directly responsible for workers taking care of their needs (health issues, repatriation, mis conduct behavioral actions, replacement).

our procedures

We are here to help you reach the highest level of proficiency, guiding you all around.